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Eesti People to People is a non-profit organisation registered in Estonia in 1997 with activities since 1993 as a chapter of People to People International NGO. The purpose of People to People aims to enhance international understanding and friendship through educational, cultural and humanitarian activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences directly among peoples of different countries and diverse cultures. Eesti PTP is committed to enhance cross-cultural communication within each community, and across communities and nations. Tolerance and mutual understanding are central themes.

Eesti People to People has 22 members and more than 100 volunteers at the moment. There many people with fewer opportunities among NGO members – national minorities, unemployed, youth from rural áreas, etc. The main activities are educational and cultural, mainly trainings, seminars, workshops for adults, youth and youth workers.

Eesti People to People is member of AKÜ (Arengukoostöö Ümarlaud - Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation). AKÜ's main areas of work are development and global education. Eesti People to People coordinates in Estonia annual Global Education Week of the North-South Center of the Council of Europe and works with high school students and teachers. Eesti People to People president Ruta Pels is national coordinator for Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP)

Eesti People to People is active as sending and hosting organisation- Eesti PTP participated in Youth in Action Programme and Erasmus+ projects in Estonia and abroad. Eesti PTP organised training courses in media and gender, social media, communications, creative reading and writing and other topics. Eesti People to People was partner in Grundtvig Partnership, Leonardo da Vinci Partnership, NordPlus, NORDEN, EuropeAid, DAPHNE III and is partner in Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 projects.